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Empty Nest Thursdays

On the first Thursday evening after my return from leaving Rosie in Boston, Tim and I exchanged the usual, “What should we do for dinner?” conversation. Neither of us had made any preparations and the hands on the clock reached toward 7:30.

And we realized: there’s no one expecting anything of us. We could eat cereal if we wanted. Or popcorn. Or pancakes.

But given the fact that we both like our three squares, including protein at dinner, we decided, “Oh, let’s just go out.”

A quick change into some nicer jeans, a lick of lipstick and we were in the car, having our second most common food conversation: “Where should we go?”

The following Thursday somehow found us with the same somewhat barren fridge and the same lack of inspiration. And so our new tradition of “Thursdays Out To Eat” was born. Why not check out every restaurant in Arcata, we wondered. Sure, we have our old standbys (and I have to admit, we’ve only explored one new restaurant in the three Thursdays, and that was because it IS new – newly opened), but we’re going to make Thursdays the night that we try out and honestly assess each and every restaurant this town has to offer. Well, maybe not McDonald’s and Wendy’s. But yes on the Taco Trucks.

And, why not use this blog to document our gastronomical wanderings? After all, if not for an empty nest we wouldn’t be able to so blithely duck out each Thursday. Continue reading


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