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They took the bed away tonight.

We helped the young couple haul the unwieldy California King-sized mattress out the side door, along with the two box springs and the metal frame. They strapped it into the bed of their pickup truck and away they drove. Tim and I looked at each other. The end of an era.

We bought the bed brand new when I was about seven months pregnant with Rosie. Planning  another home birth, and with a 7-year old at home, I was ready for a real bed. A family bed. A nice big comfy place where we could all snuggle together on a Sunday morning.

And so we upgraded from funky futon to California King. Much later, after a few moves and tired of a bed that took up my entire bedroom, we bought  Queen and gave the big bed to teen-aged Rosie. It accommodated many a teenage sleepover.

Her college friends in Illinois gasped in horror when she bragged to them that she slept in the same bed she was born in. Somehow that didn’t go over as well in the Midwest as it did in Northern California.

The bed has remained mostly unoccupied in her big empty room since last August. It’s time for big changes in that large bright room once meant to be the master bedroom. Rosie will still have a room when she’s home on vacations – just not the biggest in the house.

The Family Bed
Our family bed will soon be home to a new family. Image by Gutsibikes via Flickr

For now, I get a new office and studio. Later, perhaps we will create a rental apartment. Exciting changes.

But, I had to wipe a tear away as I watched that truck pull out of our driveway, laden with so much history.