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…that I can say I have a teenager.

Happy Birthday Rosie! April 3, 2010.

But I do feel blessed that I got to bake a cake and celebrate 19 years on the planet with my baby!

Took her out for sushi (her favorite), followed by birthday cake and singing at her apartment.

I was there for Ciel’s 19th too. The year was 2003 and Ciel had just made her big move out of the house and was living with two girlfriends in the Sunset District of San Francisco. We made the trip to the city to march in the big San Francisco Peace March, just as the buildup to the Iraq War was gaining momentum.

My nephews, aged 5 and 7  walked alongside us, along with their parents and grandparents. A great weekend, marching in the streets with thousands of diverse individuals, all making the unified statement: “Not In Our Name!”

The next day was Ciel’s 19th birthday and we celebrated by taking her to a Turkish restaurant where we were served multiple courses of delicious and exotic food and invited to join in the belly dancing and revelry.

I was did not get the chance to celebrate another birthday with her until last year when she turned 25. And I guess that may be the case with Rosie if she gets her wish and moves far away. No matter where she is though, I hope to be there to celebrate the quarter century mile marker with her!