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The daily trips to the mailbox become more and more fraught. Each day I want to rush over to the post office as soon as I’m confident the mail has been distributed. I force myself to wait until the morning’s work is done, but worries and hopes keep interrupting my focus.

These colleges really hold their transfer applicants on a string of desperation until the very last minute!

It’s difficult for Rosie to make summer plans because she is not sure if she will be attending a school on the semester system (staring in mid-August), or one on the quarter system (starting in mid-September). And what about financial aid? Will they give us the offer right away, or will they force us to wait even longer making it impossible to make the final choice until we know if we can pay for it?

The good news is that both girls will be here this weekend for our Annual Beltane (Mayday) Party. Since the promised date of notification is May 1, the hope is that Rosie and I will be able to celebrate together. Otherwise, I will be there to hug and comfort her through the agony of disappointment. (But don’t let it be so!)