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After calling Monday and being told that she had to “sit tight” until June 1st, Rosie got an e-mail the next day from NYU notifying her that she was on the Wait List for the BFA Theatre Program at Tisch School of the Arts.

They will let her know sometime after June 1st, but no later than July 1st.

Well. Very cool. I guess. Would be better to have full acceptance, but she is thrilled that she is even wait-listed for one of the most prestigious schools. NYU was her top choice last year and they turned her down. So this is better. Even though the school has now dropped down on her list for various reasons.

The e-mail says she will still receive financial aid and be eligible for housing if accepted. But now it’s just sit on our hands and wait…  And wonder, how much financial aid, exactly?

When we called Boston University, they told us they don’t notify transfers until June 15th. June 15th!?? How can they reasonably expect her to wait that long? Unbelievable. But they were unmoving. They need to receive her final grades from this semester before they make a decision.

So she e-mailed the theatre department. Because after all, she isn’t interested in attending that school unless she’s accepted into the theatre program. She asked them if they could let her know if she was even being considered for the BFA.

And, oh the reply came today – the sweetest news of all! They were very impressed with her audition and have recommended her for the BFA program! Hallelujah! The angels are singing. And Boston WAS her top choice this year.

But, the e-mail went on, “as with all admissions decisions for our program the final verdict must come from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.” AARGH! Does that mean waiting another month? There was one ray of hope, an e-mail address for the department’s liaison in the admissions office. Rosie sent her an e-mail. Maybe the woman can pull some strings and get us an answer. They have her mid-term grades. She’s close to a 4.0 – there doesn’t seem to be any reason they wouldn’t admit her.

But who knows?

And then, oh yeah, there’s the whole money thing. Of course BU was one of the more expensive schools she applied to. I’m calling the financial aid office tomorrow to see if I can get them to tell me if there’s even any hope.

And finally, we called Sarah Lawrence. When will she be notified? They assured us we’d know by the end of the week.

So…more waiting. But not too much longer.

Meanwhile, even if she ends up doing the gap year in France, Rosie now knows that she was good enough to be accepted (or at least wait listed) at TWO of the country’s most prestigious BFA programs.

My mother heart is singing.