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Well, I didn’t get to dance around the post office hooting and hollering while kissing a fat envelope, but Rosie got the e-mail notification on Wednesday:  She is officially accepted at Boston University!

“You have been admitted to the School of Theater Arts within the College of Fine Arts from a highly competitive applicant pool of very talented students.” She posted this sentence word for word to her Facebook profile right after she called me with the big news.

So at least I got the chance to jump away from my computer and dance around my kitchen – a welcome break from the ECONEWS deadline bearing down on me. Woo Hoo! She did it. What a validation for her and for me too, that one of these auditioners finally recognized her talent. She actually did that particular audition at the school itself and met the chair of the theater department who auditioned her!

So – huge sigh of relief. For a few moments. Now the big swallow as we face the reality of the expense of attendance. The financial aid offer came through yesterday, also via e-mail. They ARE giving her a fat grant. And of course the maximum amount of loan a student can borrow. But that leaves a rather large remainder to yet be paid. So, the hard part may be just beginning.

But, for now, at least for another few hours – we can celebrate. Yay Rosie!!