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I know that’s a scientific term, but ever since I learned it – maybe in 6th grade – I’ve noticed how it can apply in my own life. If I get out in the garden and start weeding and digging, the time flies by, inertia takes over and I forget how hard it was to get my butt out there. In the same way, if I’m just sitting, perhaps reading a good novel, it becomes harder and harder to get up and do something else.

Inertia – it seems to have taken over my writing and blogging this summer too. The longer I wait to write a post, the harder it becomes to just do it. And so, unfortunately, the dozens of potential posts that have floated around in my brain while driving in the car, or settling down to sleep, or sitting at my work computer, are now lost forever in the ethers.

Must just start from where I sit. Nearing the end of summer – the summer that just so recently seemed to stretch out with a sense of endless anticipation. Now, only six days remain before Rosie and I leave for the ultimate destination of Boston University. School is about to start. My empty nest looms once again.

Of course, that’s my other excuse for blog-slack. The nest was far from empty this summer – what with Rosie’s presence, and countless friends and visitors occupying every spare room. It’s been a fun summer. It’s been a busy summer. And, unfortunately, it’s been a foggy summer – at least for the last month. The garden languishes, zucchinis mold before they can grow into edible proportions, the second broccoli round that we started after returning from our vacation looks like we just planted it a couple of weeks ago. Not all is lost however. Lettuce is happy. Tim harvested a bumper crop of beets a few weeks ago. Potatoes and onions made it through just fine. This is life on the North Coast of California, we can only hope for a sunny fall – which is really summer in these parts, just not as much light.

Tim brings in the beets. Crummy phone photo

When Dad and the extended family visited we took them to a Humboldt Crabs game. Here we are in our various poses of attentiveness. My niece Gracie in the foreground grabbing all the attention as usual. The Humboldt Crabs are are the oldest continually operated semi-pro baseball team in American baseball.

Rosie participated in Humboldt Light Opera's production of Pirates of Penzance this summer. Great show! Here she is in her maiden costume on Opening Night.

So yay, now I’ve done it. Pushed through the inertia and made a post – however inane. Now, if we can keep the movement happening, perhaps future posts will include some more vacation photos, updates on our approaching trip to the East Coast, and news of daughter Ciel’s summer travels and internship in Ecuador.

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