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NOTE TO BLOG VISITORS: This is a catch-up post and probably not the most interesting writing you’ll ever read here. I’m just documenting so I don’t forget where the months went. Skim or skip as you will…

Three months almost to the day since I visited my own blog – and what a whirlwind three months it has been!

October 11:  Last day on the job at ECONEWS. Worked till 8:30 p.m. with my two replacements, finalizing the paper for the printer and getting all my personal data off the business computer. Stayed up past midnight getting ready for the next day’s departure to my next (temporary and off the books) gig. So busy I didn’t have time to contemplate the ramifications of the fact that I had just given up a steady paycheck in favor of flexibility and freedom.

October 12:  Leave at 7:30 a.m. for new job. Spend the next several weeks working 12-hour days with only a few breaks. Since I’m removed from access to the Internet and have limited access to cell phone coverage I have time to get to know my co-workers and to dream about my upcoming trip to Southeast Asia. Oh, and there’s nowhere to spend money either – quite helpful for saving for aforementioned vacation.

November 23: Back home to welcome visiting family for the Thanksgiving Holiday. They stream in starting Tuesday night. Ciel makes it up for a couple of days. My dad is out from Connecticut for the week, my sister is staying at our house along with her husband and two teenage boys. Chaos reigns. I eat way too much.

November 28: Off to work again for a final week. Receive some sad and worrisome news about my former business. Quiet remembrance of my long departed mother’s birthday.

December 1: Back home to face the pile of overlooked obligations, dustballs and missed bills. Is that really Christmas looming in just a little over 3 weeks? But before that we must prepare to go to the Bay Area for a very big event:  Ciel’s Graduation From College! And if I’m going to take this trip, I’d better purchase some plane tickets! Somehow amidst the flurry of shopping and preparations it barely occurs to me to blog or indeed to write at all. Actually that’s not true, I think about it every day, somewhat longingly. But as I discussed on my post on “Inertia,” the longer I go without writing, the harder it is to sit at the computer and actually do it.

December 8:  Purchase plane tickets to Bali! Woo Hoo! A trip I’ve been dreaming of for about 25 years. And now with an empty nest and no job the dream can become a reality.I buy a ticket for Ciel as a graduation gift. I’ll be over there for two months, and hope to spend some time in Thailand too, and she will join me in Bali for about four weeks of that time. To further complicate the ticket-purchasing, Tim wants to go to Kauai to visit his best friend who moved there last spring. Hours and hours of online fare-scrutinizing yield no good deals that  take Tim to Bali with a stop-off in Hawaii on his return. E-mail exchanges with a local travel agent bring up even worse prices. We finally settle on one-way tickets for both of us to Kauai. After 6 days I fly from Honolulu to Bali. He’ll stay in Kauai a couple more weeks, then fly back home via Seattle. I think I log about 17 hours on the computer getting all this figured out! And don’t even get me started on the cost. Good thing I wasn’t spending money all fall. Bad thing that the holidays came in between fall and the trip.

Mom with Ciel, the graduate

I did it!

December 18:  The big graduation! An event deserving of a separate post if I can get to it. I am so proud of my daughter who now holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science, with honors, from San Jose State University. She worked so hard to get here, and I loved the small ceremony which allowed her to be individually acknowledged for all her accomplishments.