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Her bags are packed she's ready to go.


Arcata Airport was quiet and nearly deserted yesterday afternoon when we dropped off Rosie to board her  flight back to Boston. (Well, her flight to San Francisco, then an overnight flight to Washington DC, then her flight to Boston – the joys of living in the middle of nowhere…)

She and I spent a few hours packing and repacking her giant suitcase to get it down to the required 50 lbs. Neither of us can understand how she could have gained 15 pounds in stuff over the last 3 1/2 weeks!

At the airport when she hefted the thing on to their scale, the attendant told her she had to remove one additional pound from the suitcase. Sheesh! Out went her red coat, too thin to do much good in blizzard weather anyway. Guess I’ll be shipping it to her (along with all the shoes she ditched) next spring. She’s learning her own lessons about traveling light.

Back home, our once again hushed and lonely empty nest awaited. I’m so grateful I’m immersed in my own travel plans, otherwise I think I would have found myself in a cloud of depression.

It was so easy to slip back into the groove of living with my sweet daughter, sharing morning smoothies, bike rides and trips to the gym.

After a brutal night of layovers and trying to sleep on the red-eye, my baby is back in her East Coast home, hopefully sleeping peacefully. Snow drifts piled up outside her window.

Bye Bye Rosie. See you this summer.