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Okay, the pack is a little fuller than I'd hoped, but still quite manageable.

So much for leaving extra room...

This is it!

The day of departure has arrived and it’s a nice soft takeoff with Tim at my side. He picks up after my ungrounded lapses – most notably grabbing my (brand new) camera left on the plane seat after landing here in Sacramento.

I hadn’t even noticed it slipped out of my knapsack. Another hazard of over-packing. And this is just my little carry-on.  Thanks Tim!

“The guidebook says it’s against the law to worry in Kauai,” he told me as we ate our breakfast sandwiches in the airport bar.

What a relief. I’ll be so glad to lay down the worry load! I almost wrote a “worry wart” post yesterday, listing all the scenarios and “what ifs” that were trickling through my monkey mind. But I was too busy running around, gathering items for my contingency plans.

But, now with 300 miles between me and all those responsibilities,  I can feel all that worry dissipating already. And it helped when the affable guy at the Alaska Airlines counter waived the additional fee (because we were switching airlines) for my checked bag. He worked some keyboard magic and waved us on with an “Aloha!”

Wish there were more airport employees like that!

Next stop:  Maui. And then on to worry-free Kauai. Aloha!