As I wandered through my day, dwelling as usual on all the decisions of daily life, “what is my best use of the next hour?,” “How will we fix the rotting door jamb?”, “Will we have enough money to deposit to cover the mortgage?”, “When do I get to take my next trip?,” a text from daughter Ciel jolted me out of my self-centered reveries in a tragic reminder that IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT ME!

They’d just gotten the news: her boyfriend Turner’s mother, Laura, has inoperable cancer. It had already spread from her pancreas to her lymph nodes.

Laura is not that much older than me, a vibrant and vivacious elementary school teacher who runs marathons.

Ciel had no idea how to comfort her man – they’ve been together four years and Laura is practically her mother-in-law. Having lost their father as children, Turner and his sister had formed an even tighter bond with their mother. He’s devastated, lost, heartbroken.

And so am I.

Laura, we’re keeping the candle burning for you and praying for a miraculous recovery.