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…Well, at least for a while. Seems this empty nest doesn’t stay empty for long

Ciel (left) and Rosie (right) decked out in their Bay to Breakers regalia. Super Women?

Rosie flew into San Francisco Friday night where she was picked up by sister Ciel. The two spent Saturday shopping for their costumes for the city’s Bay To Breakers race. (No, they weren’t running, just joining the revelers in the streets – I’m going to have to make it down there sometime for that party!)

Within the next week Ciel and Rosie will make the journey North to Humboldt. Rosie will be right back here in the Nest for the duration of the summer, occupying the bedroom referred to in her absence as “The Princess Room.” It’s so named for the posters of Audrey Hepburn that adorn the walls, not because we consider our daughter a princess – well mostly not because of that.

Ciel will spend the summer in Arcata as well. Her partner, Turner, wants to be near his mom while she is dealing with her illness. The reasons for their return to Humboldt are sad – but I’m loving the idea of  bike rides, frozen yogurt dates and summer camp-outs with both my daughters.

We’ll kick off a summer of mother/daughter bonding at the Northern California Women’s Herbalist Symposium. Both girls attended when they were little girls weaving herbal daisy chains in the kids’ teepee and both got to participate in the Maiden Ceremony held each year. It’s been at least five years since any of us have hung out with the Herbal Goddesses on that lovely piece of land, and we’re all so excited that we’re finally going to make it happen.

Then we’ve got three long months to slip in as many sun-splashed good times as we can.

Rafting, anyone?