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Summer distractions are only part of the reason I’ve been neglecting this blog.  Yeah, there’s the triple whammy of sprained ankle – tick bite – eye infection that all hit within four days a couple of weeks ago. (Nothing like blurred vision to keep you off the computer!)

But the main reason is my writing energy has been directed into another project: a new blog that I’m hoping is going to get me back to my herbal roots. I’ve kind of missed playing around with the plants (not that I haven’t been enjoying them, but it hasn’t been a daily thing like in the Moonrise days.)

I’ve been working on this for a while, and it’s still not quite “there.” But, I’ve realized that a blog is kind of like a person – it continues to grow and change and evolve.

So – I guess I’m ready to take it out from under wraps and let it into the light. Things do grow faster that way, don’t they?

To any herbalist friends that might be reading this:  It’s not a in-depth blog about herbal medicine. I’m truthfully a little rusty and part of my purpose in this is to have a reason to brush up on my herbal knowledge. This is an herb blog for beginners.

My vision for this is to create a fun space where people who want to learn about herbs and natural wellness can get some useful information. My hope is that readers can be entertained a little while they’re learning.

So – you folks who’ve been wildcrafting and making medicines for years will find this pretty basic. But maybe you know someone who would enjoy reading it and learning some herbal/natural health basics. If you do, I’d love it if you’d share this link.


I miss sharing the plant world, and this endeavor seems like a perfect way to combine my love of herbs with my passion for writing.

But, it’s a bit of work to get it off the ground.

I could use your help. If you can spare a few moments, check out Wellness The Natural Way. Let me know what you think and if you can see any ways it could be improved.

And you’d really be helping me out if you “Like” the page on Facebook. Once I get 25 ‘likes’, I’m somehow more official.

If you enjoy the blog, I’d love it if you’d comment and subscribe. Or – if you have any friends, coworkers, relatives – I don’t know, maybe your hairdresser is interested in natural healing – pass it on to folks who might benefit from or get a kick out of reading it.

Oh – and if you hate it, or see some glaring problems, please let me know that too. (Maybe not as a comment – but you can email me: sarah@wellnessthenaturalway.com.

And, just in case you’re wondering, Grown Up Mom isn’t going anywhere. It’ll still be my spot to tell stories, ruminate, or just vent on topics that are not so herb-related.