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My collection of cordials.

While working away at writing for my new Herbal/Wellness blog, I like to take breaks and surf around the web looking for similar blogs. (No – actually this is not a break, I am still working. Doing research. Ahem.)

That’s how I stumbled across Crunchy Betty. Wow. When I started reading Betty’s crunchy posts I almost decided to throw in the towel on this whole “being funny while talking about herbs and wellness” blog thing.

Betty’s blog is totally hilarious! And packed with useful recipes and info. And creative. And did I say funny?

Basically, I just wanted to BE Crunchy Betty. (Her name is actually not Betty though.)

I forwarded the link to my daughters with a whiny note about how I wanted to my blog to be Betty. Then Rosie and I got right down to the CB “honey challenge,” which involves washing your face with honey every day. (The blog’s subtitle is “There’s Food on Your Face.”)

I’d done honey facials before, but never tried actually washing my face with honey on a daily basis. Will keep you posted on how it works out. Rosie and I are on day 5 now I think. She struggles with stress-related acne, oily skin, etc. And I’m hoping to get a little youthful vigor restored to this baggy-eyed visage. Honey, being the miraculous substance that it is, actually benefits oily skin, dry skin, damaged skin. All of it.

Anyway…after I got over my self-flagellation about my fledgling blog not being nearly as witty and fun, I went ahead and wrote an email to “Betty” praising her bloggy greatness. I followed her on Twitter. I decided, might as well learn from the greats.

And to my amazement (and slight freak out), she responded after a day saying she’d enjoyed her look at Wellness the Natural Way and inviting me to write a post on Crunchy Betty! OMG! What would I write about?! Since I don’t have that many articles up yet over at WTNW, I wanted to come up with something new and unique.

But my Dad had just arrived from the East Coast for a visit, and I was expecting my sister and her family that evening. Somehow I would have to come up with a piece of writing – and not just any kind of writing, some crunchy writing –  by (yikes!) Monday. And this was Thursday.

I stepped into the shower to ponder the problem and in that wonderful way that streaming water has of unleashing new ideas – I got the light bulb. I’d share some recipes for damiana cordial and other spicy lover’s delights. All of which I gleaned from many sessions at the NC Women’s Herbal Symposium, specifically from the amazing herbalist and author, Diana De Luca.

I scoured my bookshelves for my copy of Diana’s book, Botanica Erotica, told Dad and the family that I had to bail for a few hours, grabbed my laptop and headed for the coffee shop.

If that piques your interest, you can check out the entire story (and all the Crunchy Betty fun) here.

Just don’t abandon me completely for Crunchy Betty!

The photos didn't make it into the Crunchy Betty post. But I had so much fun taking them, so here they are.