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It’s so funny how an arbitrary turning of the page on a calendar can inspire so many of us to feel like we now have another chance to do everything the way we’ve truly intended.

I love fresh beginnings so I, too, use the new year as a trigger to set intentions, and okay sometimes even make resolutions to become a better me. I wrote a little more about where I’ve been and where I hope to be headed in the new year over at my other blog.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here on Grown Up Mom. And since once of my intentions (I really hate that ‘resolution word!) for the new year is more writing, I’ve made a promise to myself. That promise is to write on this blog each and every day for the month of January.

Now, I’ve made lots of  “daily writing” promises to myself in the past, and life continued to get in the way and days would pass without so much as a journal entry. The reason I decided to write on this blog each day is I’ve finally realized that I need a little more of a kick in the pants than my own resolutions or intentions.

Deadlines work well. But I don’t have one. So I’m going to try public accountability.

I’m not sure exactly what I will write each day on this blog. The point is to write something – hopefully interesting – and share it each and every day. Some days may be just a bit of rambling (as today is turning out to be). Others I may share some stories of our recent holiday trip to Baja, Mexico (a road trip accompanied by extended family, so lots of funny vignettes there!)

I may even attempt to even craft a short piece of fiction on a few of the days – after all I’ve been meeting with a group of woman with the mission of improving our fiction writing skills for several months now. Maybe I will work with some of those fragments. And I do plan to sometimes write from prompts for inner exploration.

So – I apologize in advance to my loyal subscribers for inundating your in-box in January. I hope you won’t unsubscribe, just delete the email if it gets to be too much. I don’t think I’ll be writing on daily on Grown Up Mom for the entire year.

And these posts will likely be shorter than average. At least most of the time.

Of course I have to credit one of my blogging mentors, Corbett Barr, for the idea of a daily writing experiment. He tried it on one of his blogs back in November, and although I only caught his final few posts at the end of the month, the idea struck a chord.

It’s time! So many stories and posts that went unwritten in the past year. The 50th birthday gratitude list, the stories about my trip. I’ll be running, or showering, or driving, and the sentences and phrases roll through my brain perfectly formed. But somehow I never sit down at the keyboard and manifest them onto a page. they remain in the ethers and are soon forgotten.

Why start on January 7th – a whole week into 2012? Well, we just rolled into town last night after three weeks away, traveling just short of 3,000 miles round trip. Although I blogged a bit from the road on Wellness The Natural Way, I do find it hard to stick to any strict schedule while traveling.

In the days to come I hope to choose my 3 words for the coming year. Quite a challenge and the ideal exercise for me. I would rather choose about 33 words for the year. But that’s one of my problems. I scatter and divide my energy, thus ending up with a million things only partially accomplished.

It’s like the adage that your daily To-Do list should fit on a post-it note. Hah! My to-do list for today would probably fill a whole pad of post-its. But… it’s something to aspire to I guess.

So – three words:  I’m not committing yet, but my Angel Cards for today were Creativity, Willingness and Simplicity. I’d already thought of ‘simplify’ as one of the words. Maybe my angels are talking to me today.