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New Moon Landing

Today is the first new moon of the new year, and I didn’t want to let it pass without some acknowledgment. It’s an ideal time to focus on my intentions for this phase of my life, to plant the seeds.

Inspired a bit by Goddess Leonie Dawson’s article in last week’s installment of A Year With Myself, I called a women’s circle so I could share this new moon intention ritual with some of the women I care deeply about. Leonie’s story of when she entered her first sacred women’s circle struck a chord – reminding me of the first circles I took part in back in the days when Ciel was crawling around knocking over the candles on the altar.

I sat in a living room, holding hands with a dozen or so women, not knowing then that these were people I would cherish for years to come. These were the women whom I would laugh with, cry with and grieve with as we traveled through our early motherhood years into middle age together. Some have dropped away from my sphere. New ones have been welcomed into the Circle.

We lit candles, burned sage, sang songs, called in the four directions. We went around the circle allowing each woman a chance to speak her heart, and each of us took in her pain, her inspiration. We embraced each other with love and support while in that sacred space – and our connection to each other was deepened forever after.

It’s been too long since I’ve circled with intention, for the new moon or any time. It only seems to happen about once a year these days. Life got busy, new moons arrive on inconvenient dates, our partners demand our attention. I’ll often think about calling a Circle, and then get swallowed back into the routine of life and let the opportunity slip by.

So this time I decided to make it happen! I’m a little rusty at creating ritual, but the lovely thing about this group of women is we can let things unfold organically and the Goddess always arrives to join the circle.

I craved this Circle because I’m working hard to set my own intentions and follow through. I’m feeling the pull of my old stories, my complacent, comfortable self that hates and fears change. I don’t want that part of me to take over once again – as she has so many times before. So I’m pulling out any tools I can – magical and otherwise – to give me strength.

And it turns out I couldn’t have planned this gathering at a better time. Crisis erupted on Ciel’s birthday and she’s looking at some big changes in her own life. She’s ready to take some space from her relationship and request a time of separation – so she can explore her own needs and how she might best shine her light for the world.

This is huge for her. And incredibly painful. I’m so glad we can encircle her with our love and support, and bless her with some magical wisdom to help her navigate the difficult days ahead.

The new moon is an auspicious time for introspection – to set these intentions if it’s for the next month, the next year or the rest of our lives. A dreaming time.

Happy new moon dreams.