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Have you ever gotten so stuck in your own head and wrapped up in your work that you forget how to feel?

I hate to admit it, but that happens to me all to often. Call it being a Type A, or Workaholic – but when I get wrapped up in a project I get so head to the ground that everything else disappears. It’s okay when I’m having fun and in the creative zone – but sometimes it’s not that fun anymore. I’m stuck and struggling to force things to work. I’ve just got the blinders on and I can’t see anything but the dilemmas and problems that I’m trying to sort out.

Intellectually I know that those are just the times when I need to back away from my desk, head outside into the fog or sunshine, do some stretches, read something inspirational, find something to evoke a deep belly laugh or a good cry.

But that intellectual knowledge often doesn’t translate into action (although I’m getting better about this – really!)

The other night I got one of those jolts that ripped the blinders off – suddenly I was yanked out of my head and right into my heart. It happened at a poetry reading put by the Humboldt Breast Health Project’s Amazon Warrior Group. My sister-in-law, Sheila,  was one of the poets.

I was going to tell the story here, but I decided to post it over on Wellness The Natural Way – click here if you want to give it a read.

It was eye-opening. And intense.

And so what does all this have to do with the promised “Big Changes Ahead?”

Hot and saucy ladies on my 50th birthday, including Sheila second from left. More saucy fun coming soon!

Well, my dilemma about where to post this last story kind of leads into my big announcement. Very, very soon I will be merging both of my blogs (this one and Wellness The Natural Way) into a brand new website.

It’s called Holistic Hot Sauce – and it’s a place where I can write about all my multiple passions. I can be introspective, natural health oriented, creative – but always (I hope) entertaining, informative and/or inspiring!

I’ll be writing about how we can all look radiant, feel vibrantly healthy and follow our dreams – at any age. Empty nest ruminations will live over there, along with all the other fun, hot and spicy stuff I come up with.

Holistic Hot Sauce will be online within a couple of weeks – and I really hope you will join me over there.

But What About Grown Up Mom?

I’m not going to retire this blog (it’s such a nice venue for family stories,) but I will probably be posting a lot less on here. So, if you enjoy reading these posts, click on Holistic Hot Sauce right now and sign up for the mailing list. You’ll be one of the first to receive “The Sauce” right in your in-box. You just need to click on that little envelope in the lower left corner and enter your email address.

Even if you are already a subscriber to Grown Up Mom, I can’t transfer your email over without your permission. So get on the list now so you don’t miss the inaugural post – I’m already working on it. I think it’s going to be pretty cool.

If you’ve enjoyed Grown Up Mom over the past months and years, I know you will love Holistic Hot Sauce – looking forward to hanging out with you over there!

Meanwhile, continuing to strive for that head/heart balance…

So… what do you think? Let me know in the comments – or feel free to email me at sarah.h.oleary(at)gmail.com.  (You have to use the @ symbol of course!)