Herbalist, business owner, informal health counselor, activist, journalist, editor, life and wellness coach – I’ve worn many hats over the years, but the overarching umbrella has been my role as Mom.

Well that is until about five years ago when my youngest went off to college and I started this blog.

I’ve been silent here for several years – ever since I started my coaching business, Holistic Hot Sauce – where I write from a life and wellness coaching perspective on how to look and feel fabulous and live your dreams at midlife and beyond.

Now I’m reviving Grown Up Mom to chronicle my adventures this winter & spring in Guanajuato, Mexico. Part travelogue, part inner reflection, part photo chronicle, and part – well, whatever I feel like writing about.

At this point this blog is simply my uncensored writing about my experiences – inner and outer – as I once again ‘find myself’ in a new and exotic locale. Don’t expect polished writing here. I’m playing – ok?

This isn’t my first rodeo with life reinvention:  Two and a half years ago I loaded as much stuff as I could fit in my car and walked away from a 22 year marriage that had gone dead. I left a community where I had forged deep and lasting connections over the previous 30 years, a lovely home, as well as family and friends.

It was a big leap. Sometimes I still think I’m in free fall. but somehow a net always seems to appear when things look really grim.

And I’ve got to say – Guanajuato is a pretty fun net!


I was going to delete what I wrote on this About Page when i started this blog back in ’09. But in case you want to know more of my history – here it is. As you’ll see I started this with a subtitle “ruminations from an empty nest’ and if you scroll through the posts to the beginning you’ll see lots about my two gorgeous daughters – now 23 and 31!

And a grandchild on the way! Woot!



I live in Humboldt County, California, where the redwoods meet the sea. Some say it’s where the ‘60s meet the sea. But in any case it is a beautiful spot on the planet and I often give thanks that I found my way here from the crowded East Coast suburbs from whence I come, and have called this community home for almost three decades.

I felt a bit like a big fish in a small pond in these parts for a while – when I ran a quirky little herb shop called Moonrise Herbs.  But  after 19 years, ready to reinvent myself, I sold the place –  and now after earning a double degree in journalism and women’s studies I’m an environmental journalist, hopeful freelance writer and would-be social justice activist.

Grown up yet? I don’t think so!

Here I will share thoughts on life as an empty nester, inspirations, aspirations, musings on the political goings-on on the national and local stage, travel adventures…and whatever else sparkles on the periphery.

You can contact me at: grownupmom (at) gmail.com


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